About ESE

Carbon Fiber: The Very Fabric of ESE

ESE Industries is a minority-owned small business founded in 2011 with a passion for making advanced carbon fiber composites more accessible to the automotive, aerospace, marine and military industries. We use innovative new technologies such as tailored fiber placement (TFP) and a proprietary high pressure resin infusion to make the most mechanically efficient parts while dramatically lowering our raw material cost.

Our Vision

ESE is committed to making carbon fiber composites accessible and putting people first. Whether it be for product quality or quality of life, ESE is dedicated to continually improving the QMS to better meet customer, employee, and regulating body needs.

ESE Carbon Company

ESE Industries was launched by ESE Carbon Company, the manufacturer of the first one-piece carbon fiber aftermarket wheel in the U.S. ESE Carbon is leading the way in automotive wheel advancements, serving on the SAE Wheel committee and helping to develop international standards for carbon fiber wheels.

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