Benefits of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is one of the best-performing composite materials.

Its superior properties and characteristics make carbon fiber the choice material for engineers and designers in a wide range of industries. Recent innovations and technology advances have allowed carbon fiber to become an even more attractive option, especially with the shift toward environmental concerns and the demand for increased efficiency.

ESE_carbon_fiber_parts ESE_carbon_fiber_parts ESE_carbon_fiber_parts
Image of a wheel


  • 5x lighter than steel
  • 2x lighter than aluminum


  • High tensile strength with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • One of the strongest reinforcing fibers with higher stiffness per density than metal, plastic or wood

Corrosion Resistant

  • Strength of carbon-to-carbon bonds enables natural resistance to oxidation
  • More corrosion resistant than metals, such as aluminum and steel
  • Great for environments with salt water and corrosive chemical agents

Low Thermal Expansion

  • Less likely to expand or weaken than metal, which can cause issues or failure in parts

Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Does not transmit or radiate heat as much as steel or other metals

RF Shielding

  • Blocks radio frequency waves, protecting your data or devices from scanners


  • Strength of carbon-to-carbon bonds means carbon fiber won’t wear out as quickly


  • Carbon fiber absorbs sound waves and is a great material for dampening noise


  • Carbon fiber can be shaped and molded in ways that other materials cannot
  • The addition of TFP technology adds even more design flexibility

Carbon Fiber Wheels Put to the Test

Can carbon fiber wheels withstand pothole and curb impacts? In extreme cold temperatures? How do they stack up to their alloy counterparts?

Our engineering team put our E2 carbon fiber wheel to the test. We invite you to download the report to read the full results.

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