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Innovating with Carbon Fiber

The beauty of carbon fiber is that it is both lightweight AND strong. These characteristics, combined with the many other advantages of carbon fiber benefits, make it an attractive alternative to metal parts in a growing range of industries and applications.

From the construction and repair of concrete bridges, to the fabrication of robotic arms and prosthetic limbs, carbon fiber is opening up new doors to innovation, increased efficiency and even lower costs.

Carbon fiber parts are especially advantageous for large volume runs, with mold fabrication and set-up costs spread across thousands of parts.

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Ideal for robotic arms, carbon fiber profiles allow for reduced weight, increased stiffness and improved automation processes, which translates to:
- Increased speed
- Higher precision
- Reduced motor and actuator loads
- Greater reliability
- Significantly lower inertia allowing the robotic arm to be moved and stopped more quickly with less power

ESE_Industries_robotic arm ESE_Industries_robotic arm ESE_Industries_robotic arm

Additional Industries/Uses:

- Construction and repair of bridges, columns and beams
- X-ray and imaging equipment (carbon fiber shows up as transparent)
- Prosthetic limbs (stronger, lighter, more comfortable)
- Casings and bases for electronic equipments
EMI and RF shielding
- Heavy equipment parts
- Idler rolls

ESE_Industries_carbon_fiber_prosthetic ESE_Industries_carbon_fiber_prosthetic ESE_Industries_carbon_fiber_prosthetic

The ESE Advantage

A minority-owned small business, ESE is a one-stop shop that can take your project from concept to completion with our engineering, mold design, fabrication, and manufacturing capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, including a 5 Axis CNC machine, and our innovative tailored fiber placement (TFP) and high pressure fiber resin infusion technology serve to automate and accelerate the carbon fiber layup process.

ESE_Industries_CNC_machine2 ESE_Industries_CNC_machine2 ESE_Industries_CNC_machine2

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