Carbon Fiber Composite Manufacturing

We make quality custom fiber parts more accessible to companies with great ideas.

Like you, we are always striving for innovation and ways to improve our processes. Our adoption of new tailored fiber placement (TFP) technology as well as a proprietary high pressure resin infusion process allow us to manufacture better quality carbon fiber with faster turnarounds.

Highest Quality

As with all composites, the material is made when the part is made. Unlike isotropic metals, which are liquified and poured into molds into solid state, carbon fiber parts require high-quality designs and engineering in order to have a high-quality end result. This is where ESE shines with our top-notch experts, latest technology and industry certifications:

- ISO 9001 certification (NSF)
- AS9100 certification (in progress)
- X-Ray imaging technology
- FARO 3D laser scanner
- Specialized FEA analysis software

Fastest Turnaround

Speed is a function of experience and our team has experience. With over 10 years of working knowledge of carbon fiber, our expert team knows how to get a part designed more quickly, a mold created faster, and a quality part delivered sooner. Add to that our vertically integrated product development, which allows us to take your project from concept to production, and the result is some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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