Carbon Fiber Design & Engineering

Carbon fiber composites are more complex to engineer than metals such as aluminum and steel and therefore benefit from more specialized engineering capabilities.

When you partner with ESE, you have access to an engineering team that has been working with carbon fiber for over a decade and has the expertise that only comes with time and working with the material. Even the most advanced in-house engineering teams frequently turn to ESE for our carbon fiber expertise, specialized FEA software and rapid development capabilities.

Composites Expertise

Metal parts are simply melted into liquid form and put into a mold to create their final shape from one material. The resulting isotropic strength is the same in every direction and, as a result, can be analyzed as one homogenous piece. In contrast, carbon fiber is NOT isotropic, and carbon fiber characteristics can vary in every direction and need to be calculated accordingly. It takes a very specialized team with extensive experience to engineer custom carbon fiber parts.

Specialized Software

Our investment in specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software and supporting infrastructure allows us to run advanced calculations and predict how carbon fiber parts will perform in real-world conditions. This complex FEA analysis can take many days to run, whereas metal parts can take mere minutes. Our carbon fiber engineering team has mastered the FEA learning curve, adding precision to our inputs and refining our prediction capability – something that can only be achieved over time and with multiple iterations.

Full-Service Design & Engineering

Carbon fiber parts typically take longer to engineer due to the inherent nature of composites and the additional variables, however, the ESE team is able to engineer and develop parts more quickly and with fewer iterations than almost any in-house engineering department. Our years of experience provide us with the ability to make better connections between FEA calculations and real-world performance.

We had a very unique R&D project and needed someone with a good understanding of wheels and the knowledge and resources to apply CFRP technology to wheel products. ESE Carbon turned out to be the perfect fit! Our relationship can be better described as a team rather than an external resource since our goals are extremely well-aligned.

– Mike McLeod, Accuride

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