Composites Mold Fabrication

A great part starts with a great mold.

ESE recognizes the value and importance of a thoroughly designed mold. If you have a good mold, making a good part is easy. Inversely, if you have a bad mold, you’ll never make a good part. This is why we place a strong importance on the mold design and fabrication process.

Uniquely Specialized

Composite molds are particularly complex. Rather than straightforward melting and hardening of liquid metal, composite molds are subject to a unique process of composite fiber layup and resin infusion. ESE has an entire team dedicated to designing composite molds, including CNC machining equipment. And we’re capable of co-molding metal parts in the process. We’ve made ten versions of our own E2 Carbon Fiber Wheel mold, so we know what it takes. Even large, reputable mold companies simply don’t have the experience ESE has designing complex carbon fiber molds.

Design + Build. All in One Building.

ESE customers benefit from the end-to-end integration and oversight of the entire ESE team. The engineering team that designed the carbon fiber part works under the same roof as the team that is designing the mold. And the parts are manufactured in the same building where the mold is made. Our mold fabrication team is heavily invested in the design, working thoroughly with each mold to conduct resin flow analysis, thermal analysis and structural analysis. If anything ever goes wrong, they can address issues quickly and even collaborate with the teams who designed and are manufacturing the parts.

Fastest Turnaround

The large companies that specialize mold fabrication do not have the deep specialization and skillset to handle the complexities of composites, and this typically adds extra time and cost. Because we have an in-house mold fabrication team and unique experience with carbon fiber, we can typically deliver faster and more cost-effectively. ESE is able to create a mold in half the time and at less cost than most mold fabrication companies.

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