Carbon Fiber Resin Transfer Molding

After carbon fiber layup is complete, we complete the process with our proprietary high pressure resin transfer molding (RTM).

Resin Infusion Process

Our proprietary compression infusion process uses an epoxy resin system to create resin infused, one-cure carbon fiber parts with superior strength and fatigue resistance. We use custom presses and only the highest quality, fastest curing resins at industry leading Tg (glass transition) temperatures of up to 212°C to finish the carbon fiber parts. ESE’s fiber-to-resin content of 60% and void content of just 2% are among the best in the industry.

ESE: The Full Solution

While many carbon fiber composite manufacturers outsource resin infusion or use a pre-preg resin system—which is inferior and contains a higher resin content—ESE is able to perform the entire end-to-end carbon fiber manufacturing process in house, including even the design and fabrication of the molds.

High Pressure Resin Infusion Advantages

Using this innovative technology, we are able to fully infuse a carbon fiber wheel in under 3 minutes, evidence of the agility with which our team is able to produce. The advantages of high pressure resin infusion include:

- Fast infusions
- High carbon fiber volume fraction
- Very low void content

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