Military: Lightweighting with Carbon Fiber

Accelerating Innovation with Composites

Carbon fiber is both lightweight AND strong, making it undoubtedly one of the best-performing and sought-after composite materials for numerous military applications. Not only can carbon fiber save weight, cost and time, it can also be used to produce parts that are more flexible, resilient and corrosion resistant. Additional carbon fiber benefits, such as low thermal expansion, only further its case as an ideal alternative to metal parts.

A minority-owned small business with manufacturing facilities in Jasper, GA, our team of engineers are THE experts in carbon fiber. We have the ability to design and manufacture durable carbon fiber parts and deliver in some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Military & Defense Applications

The lightweight characteristics combined with high tensile strength give carbon fiber a clear advantage over its metal counterparts for many military and defense applications:

- Missiles
- Drones
- Trucks
- Wheels
- Weapon stocks
- Helmets
- Tent posts
- Tactical ladders

ESE_Industries_drone ESE_Industries_drone ESE_Industries_drone

The ESE Advantage

A minority-owned small business, ESE is a one-stop shop that can take your project from concept to completion with our engineering, mold design, fabrication, and manufacturing capabilities.

We are able to deliver high quality carbon fiber parts quickly and expertly with our vertically integrated product development.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, including a 5 Axis CNC machine, and our innovative tailored fiber placement (TFP) and high pressure fiber resin infusion technology serve to automate and accelerate the carbon fiber layup process.

ESE_Industries_CNC_machine1 ESE_Industries_CNC_machine1 ESE_Industries_CNC_machine1

Our Capabilities

A full-service manufacturer of custom carbon fiber parts, we have the capability to meet the requirements of government and military contracts.

Our custom carbon fiber capabilities include:
• Design & Engineering
• Mold Fabrication
• Tailored Fiber Placement
• High-Pressure Resin Infusion
• Custom Parts Manufacturing

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ESE-Industries-Aerospace-Hero ESE-Industries-Aerospace-Hero ESE-Industries-Aerospace-Hero

We had a very unique R&D project and needed someone with a good understanding of wheels and the knowledge and resources to apply CFRP technology to wheel products. ESE Carbon turned out to be the perfect fit! Our relationship can be better described as a team rather than an external resource since our goals are extremely well-aligned.

– Mike McLeod, Accuride

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