Accessible Exclusivities

Carbon fiber wheels used to be reserved for racing teams and the wealthier motoring enthusiasts. Refer back to Edition 2’s discussion of when Citroen offered carbon fiber wheels in the 1980s for about $2,000, or roughly $23,000 in today’s bread. Not so much the case anymore. Thanks to ESE Carbon, the pricing threshold has been moved a little closer to the reach of the average enthusiast – and now, ESE is offering a special $500 discount on a set of four E2 wheels! On top of that, financing is available! Check out the fitment guide below to see if your car is a match!

Why buy carbon wheels?

A lot of people wonder this, and it’s a fair ask – the bottom line is a multi-pronged response including better acceleration, better braking, better overall handling, reduced NVH, better fuel economy, and recyclability. Because most carbon fiber wheels weigh less than half that of a standard alloy wheel, the unsprung weight is substantially reduced – with less rolling mass, the car can spring from a standstill or bite down on the tarmac to stop; because the weight is lowered, the car can take a turn a little more aggressively without inertia pulling quite as hard to drag it off the track; drive responsibly and most experience a higher degree of fuel efficiency, again, the car isn’t having to work so hard to spin the wheels. And, at the end of the life cycle, carbon fiber wheels are infinitely easier to recycle than metal. With all these benefits, we wonder why more people don’t have a set. Check out the new ESE Carbon E2 here and reserve a set for yourself now!