Braking Testing at the TRC Proving Grounds

ESE Carbon Company performed road testing of its E2 one-piece carbon fiber wheels at the world-renowned Transportation Research Center, Inc. in Liberty, Ohio – the largest independent vehicle test facility and proving grounds in the U.S.

Testing was performed over a 3 day period, with the first segment focused on Braking.

The vehicle used for testing was a 2017 Tesla Model S P100D that weighed in at 5,099 pounds. It was fitted with thermocouples, accelerometers, a GPS speed sensor and Link V-Max 4000 data acquisition system to record time, speed, distance, wheel hub accelerations, and brake/wheel temperatures.

Tests were performed using both OEM wheels and E2 carbon fiber wheels, to obtain comparison data between the performance of each.

The OEM wheels weigh 27.7 lbs. each, and the E2 carbon fiber wheels weigh 17.9 lbs. each, for a total weight difference of 39.2 lbs. for a set. Both sets of wheels were fitted with Pirelli P Zero tires, sized 245/45ZR19.

For the braking tests, five panic brake stops from 100-0km/h were performed with the vehicle’s regenerative braking set to low. The stopping distances for each individual run, the average of all the runs, and the net difference between the averages are shown in the linked report below.

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