ESE Releases Range Improvement Test Results for E2 Carbon Fiber Wheels

Jasper, GA – November 15, 2022 – ESE Carbon Company today released the results of efficiency and range improvements testing on the company’s E2 carbon fiber rims.

In September 2022, engineers from ESE Carbon Company’s Jasper, GA, manufacturing facility performed vehicle testing to measure range improvement gained using E2 Carbon Fiber wheels versus stock (OEM) wheels.

Rim Testing Setup

The vehicle used for testing was a 2017 Tesla® Model S Performance. This model was chosen specifically for its advanced performance and handling capabilities, tremendous torque (713 ft-lb / 967 N-m), and significant weight (5,997 pounds) compared to an average sedan.

Pirelli® P Zero TiresTM measuring 245/45/XR19 were used for both the OEM and E2 carbon fiber wheels. The rim diameter of the OEM wheel was 19×8”; the E2 wheels were 19×8.5”. All tires were inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure of 45 psi.

Weather conditions were clear, roads were dry, and an average temperature of 80 degrees was recorded. Windy conditions were not present.

The Tesla’s Energy Storage System (ESS) was fully charged before each test using the recommended electric vehicle supply management (EVSE) and OEM Tesla charging cables and connectors.

Our test driver covered an identical 26-mile route four (4) times with OEM wheels. Following a cool-down period, the exact test was performed using ESE’s E2 carbon fiber wheels. The route was a mix of rural and residential streets and state highways.

The Results

The results showed an average of 316 Wh/mile with stock wheels, while the E2 carbon fiber wheels returned a value of 303 Wh/mile – a 4.1% improvement. (See chart for details.)

Efficiency improvement was somewhat expected, given that vehicles with lighter weight and reduced rotational mass experience an increase in acceleration and range while also reducing braking distance. However, this test gave a precise measurement of the gained efficiency.

“We are thrilled with the validation this provides ESE and our carbon fiber wheels, which we have engineered for maximum durability and performance,” said Carlos Hermida, CEO of ESE Industries. “The feedback from our customers is that vehicle efficiency and range are important. Results like these show that our wheels do indeed deliver.”

For Tesla owners, the E2 wheel is available for the Model 3 and Model S. Fitments are available for other makes and models, including Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volvo, and others.

For questions and sales inquiries, contact ESE at or 877-213-8662.

About ESE Carbon Company

ESE Carbon Company ( was founded in 2011 with the vision of making the lightest, strongest, and most advanced carbon fiber wheels available. Our passion for driving innovation in carbon fiber composites extends across many industries through our ESE Industries division (, a full-service carbon fiber composite manufacturing company. Both are minority-owned small businesses with headquarters in Miami, FL, and manufacturing in Jasper, GA.